Friday, 31 October 2014

Calling All London Parents! Exclusive FREE Hello Kitty Event!

Beloved icon Hello Kitty will be celebrating her 40th anniversary by spreading happiness and hugs in London’s iconic Hamleys store. 
Since 1974, Hello Kitty has been spreading kindness all over the world, and in 2014 she’s been celebrating her big anniversary and giving hugs across the globe.
Now in London, Hello Kitty will be marking her 40th anniversary celebration through the global hug-a-thon at Hamleys, on Saturday 1st of November between 12pm and 4pm.
Hello Kitty will also be unveiling a very special, life size cake complete with an edible ruby bow! Come along with all your friends to have a slice of the delicious cake, and have a hug with Hello Kitty on her special day.

Date: Saturday 1st of November
Time: 12pm – 4pm, big cake unveiling at 1pm
Address: 2nd Floor, Hamleys, 188-196 Regent Street, W1B 5BT


Tuesday, 28 October 2014

Dear Santa: My Nice List Pitch

Dear Santa,

Every year I write to you and say how good I have been but this year I have not been at my best. I have eaten too much, exercised less than I would have liked to, put off doing housework, used swear words and complained my way through many a week. 

Therefore I would like to say I am sorry but I probably deserve to be on the naughty list. 

I may deserve nothing but a lump of coal but I thought I would chance my luck and write a little pitch about all the good things I have done too so you can decide which list to put me on! 

This year I....Learnt I can multitask like a pro, I discovered I can implement the naughty corner in any building (or car park!) and I can now bathe a screaming toddler in under a minute!

I survived the train alone for the first time, made lots of new friends and taught myself how to cook chilli con carne without a packet mix. I raised £62 for Macmillan by hosting a coffee morning at work and endured hours of awkward silences with a 'difficult' colleague.

I have done lots of things I am proud of, not only here on the blog as mentioned in my 4 year post  but in my family life too. I have muddled through the past year as a Mummy and despite the hard days I am so proud of what I have taught Ted and learnt about myself along the way. 

Ok so now for what I would like to find under the tree if I make it on to the good list. 

  • 10 Packs of know the super sour 90's sweets? Yep those!
  • Someone to come and relieve me of my cleaning duties for 2 weeks to catch up with washing. Ooh and while you are at it a new washing machine would go down well, do they make self loading washing machines yet? If not I will settle for one of those bog standard normal washing machines as long as it is clean and doesn't nibble holes in my clothes like the current one!
  • Some new shoes...all of mine have holes in and my feet are getting chilly!
  • 2 single wardrobes with 3 drawers at the bottom to go on either side of our bed...I know the ones I want but they don't sell them anymore...perhaps your elves could knock some up?
  • Finally I would like a deposit for a new house so that we can build a future for our family and live in somewhere we can call Home!
I think I have rambled on for a long time now but I will leave the decision in your capable hands. 

Your choice Santy it Naughty or Nice for me?

Lots of Love

Aged 26 and 1 month


*This is a collaborative post

Thursday, 23 October 2014

Halloween Product Round Up - Asda and Aldi

This Halloween we have been sent treats to share with you guys from two great supermarkets. Asda and Aldi have outdone themselves this year and I have also spied a few great bits in Tesco too this week!

I love the cute candy that is around at Halloween, every brand brings out the same products with a creepy name or green icing and it is automatically Halloween ready, it does make me laugh but it's all good fun.

Asda have a fab Witches Hat Cake Pop Kit for just £1.50 that we are excited about making for our party next weekend and some total bargain decorations starting at £1. I love their costumes too and spied all the 'cool' young YouTubers wore Asda costumes to their party this week. Marcus Butler looked particularly Tasty  Spooky in his Vampire costume which was just £16.99 and Jim Chapman was sporting some rather cool Wingflatables which are huge inflatable wings that are between £8 and £10 and look so impressive!

Asda Fallen Angel Inflatable Wings

I melted when I saw the tiny Smarties pumpkins which are just 3 for £1 in store and online now. They are so cute and full of weeny Smarties!

We are spending Halloween at a friends this year and our annual pumpkin carving will take place. The BEWARE sign from Asda is fab too, it's a little sparkly as well which will be a nice decoration to have in the living room in the run up to All Hallows Eve! 

The green lights in this picture are from Aldi and I am so excited to pop them into my pumpkin and they will give off a spooky glow. They are battery powered too which is much safer around children and only £3.99There are lots of fun activities to do with the kids over on the Aldi website too like free downloadable crafts and recipe's. 

We also got sent a fab Playdough set from Aldi which we are taking on our weekend away to Hunstanton tomorrow for Ted to play with. Be sure to pop over to follow me on Instagram for some pics of his creations.

I have also been trying out some face paints vs general make-up so keep an eye out for that post this weekend! 



This past year has flown by! I can't believe how far I have come in a year with my little area of the wibbly wobbly web it really is exciting!

I wanted to use this post to share some of the things I am proud of and some plans for the future. 

I was nominated for a MAD's award this year. This is the first blogging award I have been nominated for and although I didn't get shortlisted the standard of blogs I was up against were truly inspirational and I was so happy just to be nominated. It made all the hard work feel worthwhile as often I struggle to gauge if my blog even gets read let alone enjoyed by so many!

I attended my first (and second) blog conference. BritMums Live opened up my eyes to the scale of the parent blogger community and I was able to meet some incredible people who are now true friends. I learnt a lot and have put it all in to practise the past few months. I then went to BlogCamp this weekend with Tots100 where I learnt some new photography skills and about vlogging.

Which brings me onto my next point. YouTube! I recorded my very first YouTube video back in June and I was a nervous wreck. I managed it though and the positive feedback I received powered me on to do more. I have only done a handful of video's but am growing with confidence every time and hope to do more now I have my shiny new camera! 

I also re-designed the blog this year and with the help of a Fiverr artist I was able to transform my blog into what it is today (minus the Halloween theme!). I realised I didn't need a degree in design to create a website just a smidge of Picmonkey know how and a few hours experimenting with colour schemes and layouts. I am super proud of my design and hope you all like it as much as I do!

So there you have it, 4 things I am proud of achieving this year. My plans for the next year are to work on my YouTube channel and show more of my personality on the blog which includes my creative side with more tutorials and recipe's. I hope to go to BritMums Live 2015 so am on the hunt for another amazing brand to work with and I am quickly approaching 100,000 page views which is a huge milestone!

I want to interact more with you guys so please get in contact if there are things you want to see more of or just to let me know you are reading to give me a much needed boost when the writers block kicks in hehe!

Thank you to every single one of you for reading my ramblings!

Lots of Love

PS. Those of you paying attention will note I use Bloggerversary instead of Blogiversary...I am aware of this but being on Blogger it seems appropriate! :)

LEGO Ultra Agent's

I was given the opportunity to review a series of LEGO sets and as I am not really qualified in this area I got some help from my cousin Ryan who is a huge LEGO fan and well suited for the role of chief tester!

Here is his second review and this time it is the LEGO Ultra Agents – Infearno Interception.

LEGO, Review, Ultra Agents

In mid-2104, LEGO released the new series, Ultra Agents. The series consisted of 6 sets, and I was lucky enough to review Infearno Interception!

The set consists of 313 pieces, two minifigures and a vehicle. 

The Agent Solomon Blaze is very nice, with quite a lot of detail. From the robotic right leg, to the cuts and stubble on his face, Solomon is a lovely figure, with a great hairpiece, and two alternative faces. Solomon barely fits in the seated compartment, but if you push him back, the lid just about closes.

Infearno himself is the villain of the set, and is the best minifigure out of the two. The great, new fire ‘hairpiece’ is a lovely addition to the set, and really ‘sets’ the figure off. This minifigure has a lot of detail on both its legs and torso (Front and back)

Included with Infearno is a body piece with a mechanism that you have to build, but it really adds to the figure. You then also have Infearno’s ‘vehicle’ in the form of a fire-powered surfboard.

The vehicle itself is very big, but includes a lot of lovely pieces which are great additions to anyone’s collection. From all angles it looks great, and has a lot of hidden features.

If you flip the front wheels inwards, and the back wheels downwards, you get a flying effect so Solomon Blaze can chase Infearno on his surfboard. 

If you push down the back, two missiles are revealed, and if you push them, they travel through and can hit Infearno when he’s getting away!

The seat inside flies out of its compartment when you push the small red ball at the back. The mechanism underneath pushes the seat upwards, so Solomon can grab Infearno from his board.

Thank you Ryan again for another great LEGO review if you enjoyed this why not check out his LEGO Mixels review!

Thursday, 16 October 2014

LEGO Mixels: Series 2 – ‘Slumbo’, ‘Tentro’, and ‘Nixel’

This review is something a bit different on the blog. I was given the opportunity to review a series of LEGO sets and as I am not really qualified in this area I got some help from my cousin Ryan who is a huge LEGO fan and well suited for the role of chief tester!

Here is his first review of the LEGO Mixels Series...

Series 2 of the LEGO Mixels are here, and I am lucky enough to review two of the products!

First we have Slumbo, a member of the Frosticon clan in the Mixel Universe! Overall, this is a great, build able figure, with a lot of fascinating pieces!

'The Eyes' The eye pieces are simply Minifigure head pieces, with a blue classic space helmet put over it to acts as eyelids!

'The Teeth' This is a brilliant piece, which, when covered with another piece, looks like teeth!

'The Weapons' These lovely, sculpted weapons are parts that could easily be mistaken for Slumbo's hands. They are lovely new pieces, which I'm sure will be used in the future!

'The Blue Pieces' Here you can see all the blue, translucent pieces included with the character (From L - R): Diamond, 'Cheese Slices', and the weapons.

Also included with this figure is a 'Nixel'. The Nixels are the enemies of the Mixels, and is a great surprise to include in the set.

Finally, we have Tentro, who is a member of the Flexers clan.

'The Eyes' Every creature has to have eyes, and Tentro's come in the shape of orb pieces!

'The Neck' Tentro's head spins, and this is the piece that allows it to turn 360 Degrees!

Overall, Slumbo and Tentro are a great value for money, and are brilliant for a quick and easy build!

To find out more about The Mixels visit the LEGO website

Thank you Ryan for such a fab review! I hope you all enjoyed reading this and please keep an eye out for the next review of the LEGO Ultra Agents!

Win Tickets to The Baby Show and be Late For Reality's Representative!

I have been to The Baby Show twice now and it is such a great day out for parents. Whether you take your little ones with you or take a much needed break and embrace the wonders that are parental aids and products...come on guys you know you love them! 


Give the picture below a little click to read about what Ted and I got up to at the last Baby Show event at the NEC in Birmingham!

We are going on holiday next weekend so unfortunately won't be able to make it to The Baby Show Olympia but I am on the hunt for one special reader who will be able to be my eyes and ears on the ground in London and let me know the latest must have gadgets and funky fashion for our toddlers this Autumn! 

If you would like to win a pair of tickets to The Baby Show in London Olympia to use on either 24th, 25th or 26th October then all you have to do is comment below with why you would be the perfect candidate for this job and I will choose the most suitable to win the tickets!

The winner will be required to write a short review of their day with pictures if possible and will be credited fully for the article. The article will then be posted on the blog within a week of the event.

You have until Sunday 19th October at 8.00pm (GMT) to submit your entries. Terms and Conditions apply. 

Readers can also get 10% off tickets to The Baby Show by following this link and entering the discount code BLOG.

Terms and Conditions

        The winner will be judged from all the correct entries, and only they will be contacted personally. Prize must be taken as stated and cannot be deferred. There will be no cash alternatives. Entrants must write in the comments box why they would make a good representative for Late For Reality at The Baby Show.
        The competition will run from 16th October 2014 11.30am to 19th October 2014 08.00pm.
        The Baby Show and Late For Reality do not accept any responsibility for late or lost entries due to the Internet or email problems. Proof of sending is not proof of receipt. Entrants must supply full details as required on the competition page, and comply with all rules to be eligible for the prizes.
        No responsibility is accepted for ineligible entries or entries made fraudulently.
        Unless otherwise stated, the Competition is not open to employees of: (a) the Company; and (b) any third party appointed by the Company to organise and/or manage the Competition; and (c) the Competition sponsor(s).
        This competition is a game promoted by Late For Reality. Late For Reality's decision is final in every situation and no correspondence will be entered into. Late For Reality reserves the right to cancel the competition at any stage, if deemed necessary in its opinion, and if circumstances arise outside of its control.
        Entrants will be deemed to have accepted these rules and to agree to be bound by them when entering this competition.
        Prizes unclaimed by 23rd October 2014 will be deemed to have been forfeited and Late For Reality reserves the right to either offer the prize to the entrant whose name is next drawn at random or to re-offer the prize in any future competition.

The winner will be required to write a short review of their day with pictures if possible and will be credited fully for the article. The article will then be posted on the blog by 1st November 2014.