Wednesday, 9 August 2017

Cars 3 Merchandise from Posh Paws

Last week was my sister's 26th birthday (this makes me feel old) and she took Ted out for a very special treat day. They went to the cinema and for a very special afternoon tea at MuMu's in Northampton. Ted was super excited, not only did he get tonnes of goodies to eat at lunch but he got to see the new Cars 3 movie too!

We recently got sent some Cars 3 toys in anticipation for the film release and Ted has been playing with them ever since. He loves his plush Mack and adorable Mater keyring. The Posh Paws merchandise is fab. Great quality and the attention to detail on the characters are second to none.

We love the new character Jackson Storm. Ted said he is 'the baddy' in the film and from what I can make out he has a bit of an ego and an aggressive streak not unheard of in competitive racing. His bodywork is very cool though and that made for a great new set of merch.

Mack is currently in bed with Ted and we gifted Jackson Storm to our friend's son who is absolutely in love with the Cars series. Happy kids all round!

Cars 3 movie merchandise happy child

Monday, 7 August 2017

Becoming a School Run Mum - Will there be tears on the first day of school?

I reckon there will be some tears at some stage during Ted's first few months at school but probably not on the first day. Not from us. 

This isn't my first rodeo. My kids have both been in childcare with Ted going to a childminder at 7 months and then on to nursery and Callie started at 7 months too so having them looked after by someone else isn't new to me. I am not nervous or apprehensive about Ted going to school, I am excited!

Not excited for me getting 5 days a week without him pestering for his next snack or bending my ear off about Power Rangers (although that will be welcomed) but excited for him. Excited about his new life as a school child. Excited about him making new friends. Excited about him being able to learn new skills he so desperately craves.

Ted's thirst for knowledge is inspiring. He is constantly asking questions about the world around him. Nursery have told us he is a year ahead in his EYFS assessments and I hope that continues. He has a good group of friends already and is so sociable and friendly I have no doubt he will fit in with his class.

I am not worried about him, he will smash it. I also don't think I am particularly worried about me either. I have a few Mum friends I have met through nursery and honestly think I will enjoy meeting new people. I have put my name down for the PTA (I know what have I let myself in for) and am hoping to be able to be able to help out on school trips and events. 

As I said there probably will be tears. I predict them being at the Christmas play or his first assembly. When we went for his parents induction I felt my heart swell when they told us all the things he would be doing at school. Thinking about all the opportunities this would open up to him and how happy he would be made me so emotional in a way that I don't think I have ever felt before. 

So in answer to my own question, will there be tears on the first day of school? No, I don't think there will be tears on the first day of school but that isn't to say they won't be there soon! 

Are your little ones starting school in September? How do you feel about it?

Wednesday, 2 August 2017

My Slimming World Struggle And How I Aim To Get Back On Plan

Argh! I have slipped off the Slimming World wagon!

2 weeks now of eating nothing but junk with very few of my 5 a day and my body feels like it needs a detox. With that in mind I thought now was a great time to reassess things, go back to basics and start by sharing with you my journey so far.

Setting my target...

I have been doing Slimming World since 2nd February this year having joined at the heaviest I have ever been. I am certainly not embarrassed to share starting weight as I know I am doing something about it. I weighed 12st 13.5lbs at the start of my journey and my target weight is a round number of 10st. I set this target based on my BMI and think for my 5ft 3ins height it is a good place to be.

I have had two children and realise I have a different shape to the last time I weighed 10 stone (8 years ago). I am also at a different place in my life and want to be healthy not skinny so setting my target weight at a healthy proportion to my height seemed a great place to start.

The first few months...

Starting on plan was fun. I was finding new recipes, enjoying the balance of healthy food and playing with my syns to have a balanced diet with treats too. I loved scouring the internet for meal plans and loved blogs like Slimming Eats and A Pinch of Nom. I started up a closed group with some of my blogging friends who were also on SW and we started to motivate each other. I highly recommend finding your tribe when it comes to dieting, safety in numbers and all that! However gradually my motivation my enthusiasm began to slip and with that so did my weight loss.

Losing motivation...

First thing to go was staying to group. One of the first rules of SW is to stay to group. Talk things through with your group leader, get encouragement from your peers and take some time for yourself. Yeah this only happens if you have an engaging consultant, an hour and a half free time and the capability to stay up until gone 9 after juggling work, a 4 year old and a small baby all day. As you can see all of these points did not make staying to group easy.

I found myself totally bored in group. I was tired, hungry from holding off eating until after weigh in and I wasn't being engaged. I cared about others and wanted to hear how they got on but an hour of going round to each person to see how they got on and what their plans were for the week just wasn't motivating or inspiring me. I must not have been the only one struggling either as gradually the number of people staying to group diminished and mumbles of another local group could be heard in the queue for the HiFi bars.

Despite not staying to group I was still losing weight so didn't see a significant difference and therefore thought it must not be worth going to.

The Plateau

Along with not staying to group I also lost interest in meal planning and as my weight loss was consistent I let the odd cheat meal creep in. I still lost each week and thought perhaps I found a balance and how clever was I? The answer was not clever at all because my weight losses began to slow down. In fact I ended up getting my first gain (0.5lb) and those cheat meals? They were addictive! I thought what the hell and had a couple in a week...then we had a party to go to so I just had to have some cake...

We then went to a food festival where of course I had to try the goods on offer (for the sake of the blog) and then it was my Mum's birthday, cue more food and drink followed by a wedding party for a work colleague and a family holiday. Honestly they all came at once like bloody buses!

What now?

I am now 24 weeks of turning my life around and as you can see I have hit a enormous bump in the road. I have only had one gain since starting and even that was only half a pound which is quite an achievement. My total loss so far has been 1 stone 10.5lb which is nothing to be sniffed at but I have a way to go.

I weighed in last Thursday and had actually lost weight but have a feeling those cheat meals, cakes and seaside treats may bite me in the butt this week. I have got to pull something big out of the bag to rectify this situation so mission meal plan is back!

I am going right back to basics, planning ahead, eating plenty of speed food and making sure I am never hungry as this makes me reach for junk food. I have 2 weeks until I go to Prague with Joe for a few days and don't want to feel as sluggish and bloated as I am now. I want to get back to losing 1 or 2lbs a week...3 if possible! I also want to try out some of that mysterious Body Magic my consultant talks about as there hasn't been much movement other than walking lately.

So there you have it, my journey so far with all the ups and downs. I hope I can get back on it and hit target soon! Wish me luck!

Those of you that are on Slimming do you keep motivated?

Monday, 31 July 2017

A Sprinkle of Beach Magic

We all love a day at the beach right? However one thing I do not love is sticky sandy children. Babies especially can be awful to get clean after a day at the seaside and sand gets everywhere!

We have been trying a new product though called Beach Magic which is a powder that removes the moisture from the sand allowing it to glide off the children's skin with ease thus dusting the sand away. I have read that talc is the best thing to use and Beach Magic does contain talc as well as corn starch, jojoba esters to rejuvenate the skin and coconut scent which is so much nicer than that typical floral talc smell.

We were so impressed with how easily the sand came off and how soft the children's skin felt after using it. I do think the £5.99 price tag is quite a bit more than the average bottle of talc but it does smell a lot nicer and you don't need a lot at all so will last a long time.

Ted liked the smell and loved that it made his skin nice and soft - Ted approved!

You can purchase Beach Magic in selected stores (see website) or online at

*We were sent a bottle of Beach Magic to try out but all opinions as always are our own.

Wednesday, 26 July 2017

School Uniform from Trutex

I started writing this post by saying the usual "how is my little boy starting school in September?" but actually he is more than ready for school. Being one of the eldest in his nursery group and quite advanced for his age has meant Ted has all but outgrown being a pre-schooler and is totally ready for what primary school has to offer.

Image may contain: 1 person, smiling, child, school, uniform

I will be sharing a post soon about how it feels for me as his Mum knowing my first born is taking his next step into the big wide world but for now I wanted to share a school uniform review. We were kindly sent 3 items of uniform from Trutex to try out and I chose two polo shirts and some grey trousers. 

Image may contain: child, school trousers and shoes

The sizes for the trousers work in ages so 5,6,7 as opposed to 5-6 or 6-7 and thinking that Ted was on the bigger side compared to his peers I opted for age 6. How mistaken I was! The sizing comes up true to size unlike most high street stores so poor Ted is a little swamped in his trousers. 

My tall 4 year old looks lost in his age 6 trousers so they may need to be put away until he grows into them. The quality however is fantastic. The stitching is strong and the fabric feels like it could withstand even Ted's ninja moves in the playground. 

Image may contain: child standing with hands in school trouser pockets  

I like that there is a choice of styles on the Trutex website, we opted for the sturdy fit in charcoal. I have always preferred grey trousers for smaller children, the black just seems quite harsh and can show up more marks.

royal blue school shirt

As for the polo shirts we went for one in white to wear under his school jumper, the collar over the blue jumper looks lovely. We also got a royal blue shirt which I think will  be Ted's go to option as he rarely wears jumpers and the blue will get less grubby over time. The polo shirts are just as good quality as the trousers and have nice stiff collars which I always like. 

Image may contain: little boy, school uniform

Visit the website to find your nearest stockist of Trutex school uniform and try it out for yourselves! 

Sunday, 9 July 2017

Ted's Before I Start School Bucket List

Ted starts school in September and with that comes lots of exciting opportunities to do new things. Before he gets stuck into the school days I wanted to teach him more about the world and have some fun along the way. I hope that by ticking some items off of his 'Before I Start School Bucket List' he will start school with a smile on his face and some exciting stories to tell his new school friends. 

He added some of the items in, see if you can guess which ones were his and which were mine! 
  1. Eat lots of Mini Eggs
  2. Jump in muddle puddles
  3. Ride a roller coaster
  4. Make his own pizza
  5. Go to the cinema - ☆
  6. Slide down a huge slide
  7. Go camping
  8. Toast marshmallows
  9. Skim stones on the beach
  10. Fly a kite
  11. Visit a castle
  12. Meet a celebrity
  13. Milk a cow
  14. Be on stage
  15. Blow bubbles
  16. Visit a museum -☆
  17. Watch a football game
  18. Go on a bug hunt
  19. Drive a car (or go kart)
  20. Go to Africa
Keep an eye on Instagram for the #schoolbucketlist updates and we would love to invite you to write your own list and share with us! 

Friday, 30 June 2017

Callie at 8 Months

My goodness the last few months have flown by. Each week seems to whizz past before I have even had a chance to think! Callie is now 34 weeks old, on Wednesday that makes her 8 months. It is so hard to believe that soon she will have been in the world for as long as she was growing in my tummy. 

Callie started at nursery last month, she is on solids 3 times a day now and enjoying finger food. She has 3 x 7oz bottles a day and is sleeping through most nights. She now shares a room with Ted and much to my surprise it is going really well. She goes up to bed at about 6.30/7pm and once she is settled we pop Ted down. They are both great sleepers so we are very fortunate. 

She is wearing 6-9 month clothes although to get my moneys worth I do pop her in 9-12 and roll the sleeves/legs up. I love dressing her and Ted in matching clothes too as it looks super cute but bless her she still has very little hair so gets called a boy unless dressed head to toe in pink! 

Our CalliePops is such a bubbly child, full of smiles and super sociable. She has made friends at nursery and adores the bigger children. I think she would get up and run around with them if she could but as you will see below she is not quite there yet! So as with her 1-3 months and 4-5 months updates I have borrowed the Babycentre milestone chart to show where we are at. Things Pops can do now are in bold! 

6 Months

  • Turns towards sounds and voices
  • Imitates sounds, blows bubbles
  • Rolls in both directions
  • Reaches for objects and mouths them
  • Sits without support
  • May lunge forward or start crawling
  • May jabber or combine syllables
  • May drag object towards herself

7 Months

  • Sits without support
  • Reaches for things with a sweeping motion
  • Imitates speech sounds (babbles)
  • Combines syllables into word-like sounds
  • Begins to crawl or lunges forward
  • Picks up objects with one hand and passes to the other hand
  • Bangs objects together
  • Stands while holding on to something
  • Waves goodbye

8 Months

  • Says "dada" and "mama" to both parents (isn't specific)
  • Begins to crawl
  • Passes object from hand to hand
  • Stands while holding on to something
  • Crawls well
  • Points at objects
  • Pulls self to standing position, cruises around furniture while holding on
  • Picks things up with thumb-and-finger pincer grasp
  • Indicates wants with gestures

As you can see she is pretty much on track for most things with a few skills to work on. She has said Dada a few times but we aren't sure if that was a fluke and this week she said Buhbuh as she waved goodbye at nursery...again perhaps a fluke. She also shuffled on her bottom about 2 metres at nursery last week and has been trying to pull herself up on her activity cube. Bless her, she is so close to crawling but her body just goes into autopilot and she rolls the second she is up on her knees.

We did have an exciting development this month though...she cut her first tooth! 

Image may contain: one or more people and close-up

I cannot wait to see what the next few months hold for her, will she be walking by her birthday like her brother? We will see!