Sunday, 26 February 2017

My Fairy Garden - Magic Bean Pot Review

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When it comes to hands on kids activities I am sad to say we don't do a lot of them at home. Despite being super creative the most I stretch to at the moment is drawing and playdoh. This is mainly due to the amount of cleaning up after we have to do on top of juggling general clear up after a 4 year old and a baby. However we were recently offered a chance to review a Magic Bean Pot from Interplay and I knew it would be right up Ted's street. 

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The toy arrived and first impressions were that it is really cute. A little flowerpot with a pretty little fairy called Joy sitting on the edge of the pot accompanied by a sweet bird perched on a tiny spade. The packaging is lovely and overall it looks like a great quality toy. 

We opened the box and despite those pesky twist ties holding everything neatly in place it was simple to unbox and didn't need any scissors or power tools to bust open (we've all been there right?!).

Ted was excited to get going and the instructions said we needed some compost. Now I am not green fingered and our dirt in the garden was rock hard so instead of purchasing a whole bag of fresh compost I raided the flower pots and got enough to plant our bean. Worth thinking about before purchasing though as some people may have to pay for the soil on top...but it is only a couple of quid from the garden centre and if you are lucky they may let you have a small amount free (worth a shot!).

We got a big plate and lay all the bits and bobs out along with our bowl of compost. I thought the instructions were really simple and easy to understand. Working through from popping the compost in, making a well for the bean, placing the bean in before covering it up and then watering and putting in a warm place. So easy right? Ted loved it and kept saying "Joy's bean is going Joy at Christmas". He knows I have an aversion to the word Joy being used so excessively during the festive period and unfortunately has picked up on it.

Our Lima bean (these are edible once grown and cooked) is now nestled snugly in it's pot on the window sill ready to get growing. We had a spare bean in the box too just in case this one doesn't germinate but fingers crossed!

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There are lots of other lovely toys in the My Fairy Garden range including the new Fairy Watering Can newly released this year which is great for keeping those gorgeous fairy gardens hydrated. We may have to build our own fairy garden this summer as I have been saving some ideas on Pinterest for the past few years.

I can't wait to see if our bean grows. Hopefully Ted will be able to have some beans on toast that he has grown himself and I will be sure to update you all on Instragram once it germinates! 

*We were sent this toy in exchange for an honest review, all thoughts are my own. 

Saturday, 25 February 2017

Geronimo Festival 2017 - Family Fun for all ages!


Bank Holidays with the family don’t get any better than this! Taking place at the stunning Arley Hall, Northwich Cheshire. As spring fast approaches, now’s the time to book family tickets for Geronimo, the ultimate in children’s festivals.

Now in its third year, Geronimo is taking place over the Bank holiday weekend 27th-29th May at the picturesque Arley Hall estate in Northwich, Cheshire and offers families the fabulous opportunity to explore one of the most beautiful parts of the UK and experience one of the UK’s most amazing family festivals with a whole weekend of jam packed fun. It’s unique in that it caters for all types of ‘festival goer’, from the seasoned family pros to the complete newbie who is slightly nervous and hasn’t so much as camped before. 

No matter what your experience of festivals is, Geronimo fits the bill. The warm and welcoming atmosphere allows families to relax and enjoy a weekend full of family fun for all ages including the stars of CBeebies Justin Fletcher, Mr Bloom and the stars of Swashbuckle, as well as YouTube favourites Amazing Arabella and Mini Matt Smith in the new Digital Zone.

The beauty of Geronimo is that it doesn’t break the bank in terms of the entry fee and camping and parking costs, it only caters for families and it offers three days of high quality non stop family entertainment.

It will play host to a huge array of TV stars who will take centre stage throughout the event. The theme of this year’s event is Princesses, Knights and Dragons families are welcome to
dress up and join in the fun. There are two full Circuses, a Theatre Tent and a Show Ground Arena with lots of displays including motorcycles, jousting and fencing. For the active kid, there’s so much to fun to be had on the Bear Grylls Assault Course, dare devil mobile climbing walls and cardboard harp workshops.

The music offering is second to none and includes the Voodoo Love Orchestra, Manière des Bohémiens an energetic and improvised Django Reinhardt, Stephane Grappelli influenced Gypsy Jazz and Eastern European swing and Mr Wilson Second Liners – a New Orleans meets 90s club classics…a rave funeral without the body…What more is there to say!

When it comes to accommodation families can bring their own tent, caravan or motor home or book one of Geronimo’s range of accommodation including Bedouin tents and Tangerine tents available to suit families whatever their size.

Tier two tickets are now available at the following process: Prebooked Saturday day only £21 per ticket; Sunday £21 per ticket; Monday £18 per ticket; 2 day Saturday/Sunday - £39; 3 day Saturday, Sunday and Monday - £55. Camping is £60 FOR THREE NIGHTS. caravan is £90 FOR THREE NIGHTS and admittance for a day on the gate is £30.

For further information about the Geronimo Festival and to book tickets, please visit

Friday, 17 February 2017

Creating a Baby Corner in Your Room

We all dream of beautiful nurseries when expecting a baby. A special space just for your bundle of joy complete with matching furniture sets and personalisation. However when it came to fitting a new baby into our 2 bedroom semi we knew a nursery wasn't an option and she would have to share with Ted at some point. For the first 6 months however she would need to be in our room and needed somewhere to sleep.

We then planned that baby would be in her full sized cot from the beginning, sleeping in a little Puflo Bednest for added comfort and to make her cot seem less daunting for those early days. We had Joe's cot from when he was a baby for Ted but it was quite a large cot and just wouldn't have fitted in our room. With that we got hunting for a cot to fit in the corner of our room and I got my thinking cap on to design the perfect corner for little one.

We didn't have a huge budget so when I saw a lovely cot in Ikea for just £39 I was instantly drawn to it. When I saw it in store it was perfect, very simple but well made and just what we needed for our small room. All the cots in Mothercare etc were huge and would not have fitted down the side of our bed just as Joe's old one wouldn't. So that was the cot sorted and the mattress from Ikea was just as reasonable.

I wanted to go for grey, pink and copper as that is how we have decorated our bedroom and it may sound silly but I wanted it to fit in with our room. I got some lovely cot sheets from George at Asda with clouds and polka dots on and had our favourite My 1st Years blanket that I knew would work really well too. They don't actually sell the sheets I got anymore but here are some cute elephant ones.

Wanting to add a bit of copper in I popped down to Hobbycraft and picked up a super cute decoupage base which is a mounted rabbits head. A blank canvas ready to add my own sparkle too and also got a letter C as we already had her name locked in a few months before she was born! 

I dug out my old trusty copper acrylic paint and got to work painting them. The paint was from The Works and was about £2 a tube. I used it for our wedding decor as well and still have a lot left so it really goes a long way. I also found a gorgeous wooden dream catcher in Primark for I think £3 and that just completed the wall art. A few hooks in the wall and a couple of command strips and that was the decor done. 

I had lots of boxes from Callie's baby shower too which I filled with any bits we wouldn't need right away and popped them under her bed. We have a large drawer under our bed too which is full of her clothes and she even has some of my wardrobe space...babies really do take over don't they?!

I really love her little corner and although she is next to the window we are able to keep her warm enough and she isn't really moving much yet to faff about with the curtains although give her time I am sure that will change! She should be going in with Ted at about 6 months so a new post will be up then showing how we transform his room into a room for a 4 year old and a 6 month old. Eek time flies!

I can do a post about the rest of our bedroom if that is something you guys are interested in, just let me know in the comments. 

Monday, 13 February 2017

Callie at 3 Months

I have been so busy being a Mum of two that I forgot to write up Callie's 2 month update. She is now a whole 3 months old and I am not 100% sure how this happened. As I write this she is laying on the floor next to me sucking on her dribble covered hands enjoying the wonders of Bing bunny. I know, I totally have this parenting thing covered! 

Baby girl tummy time

I thought I would do a bit of reading up this week about where Callie should be at with her development and Baby Center have a fab 1-6 month chart for milestones. I thought I would go through the 2 and 3 months so that you can see where we are at. The ones in bold she is doing now.

2 Months
  • Vocalises sounds - gurgling and cooing
  • Follows objects
  • Holds head up for short periods
  • Smiles responsively, laughs
  • Holds head at 45-degree angle
  • Movements become smoother
  • Holds head steady
  • Bears weight on legs
  • May lift head and shoulder (mini push-up)
Baby in Bumbo

3 Months
  • Laughs and smiles - So close to a proper laugh, just squeaks at the moment
  • Holds head steady
  • Recognises your face and scent
  • Squeals, gurgles, coos
  • Recognises your voice
  • Does mini push-ups
  • Turns towards loud sounds
  • Can bring hands together and may bat at toys
  • Can roll over - nearly there!

Here are the 4 Month milestones she has already covered off too which is great!

4 Months
  • Holds head up steadily
  • Can bear weight on legs
  • Coos when you talk to her
  • Does mini push-ups
  • Can grasp a toy
  • Reaches out for objects
  • Can roll over
  • Imitates speech sounds - baba, dada
  • May cut first tooth

As well as all these physical milestones our little miss has also changed in a few other ways. She has been sleeping through from 7pm to 7am most nights which is fantastic, she is on 6oz bottles now (how did that happen?!) and is slowly moving into her 3-6 month clothes although oddly still fits in a fair few newborn bits. We have had to move her up to size 2 nappies and although I haven't taken her to get weighed she had her jabs so has seen the nurse who said she looks really well! 

She is teething which means lots and lots of dribble and we have also been trying her in her Bumbo for short periods to build her strength up and she is so comfortable in it. 

As a family we have settled really well into life as a foursome and Ted is loving having his baby sister around! We have lots of exciting things planned over the next few months and weaning is going to be the next big adventure!

Living Arrows 7/52

Baby in Bonnet Close Up

Not the best quality photo but this one melted my heart this week. Callie was sent a bonnet from a fab Instagram site to try out and her little face with it on is so adorable! She looks like Little Weed from Bill and Ben and has had people giggling over on my personal Facebook page. She looks so silly, I don't think bonnets are really her thing but I just want to squish her every time I see her face! 

Living Arrows

Thursday, 9 February 2017

Living Arrows 6/52

This week Callie reviewed some gorgeous clothes from an Insta shop called Oscarlola. She looked so cute in her dinosaur outfit until she decided to have a nappy incident in the soft play resulting in a swift change! 

Ted had a lovely trip to the park when my little sister came over on Tuesday. He loves being outside and is developing a real sense of adventure. Here he is peeking through the hole in the climbing frame!

Living Arrows

Valentines Gift Guide 2016

I am back again with some more Valentines gift ideas. This has become a bit of a regular thing on the blog over the last few years with some fab products...this year is no exception! 

Cold Hands Warm Heart?

This gift is one of my favourites, I have awful circulation so the new Hand Warmer from Zippo is ideal. Just fill with lighter fluid, ignite and keep your loved ones hands toasty for up to 6 hours. Perfect for winter walks. It also comes in pink too!

£22.95 – £25.25 

Keep You Safe

This Steelie mobile phone mount for the car attaches to the air vent. It is a cool bit of tech and perfect for any gadget geeks. Keep your loved one safe on the road and hands free at all times! 


Be Gorgeous-er

Phil Smith Be Gorgeous hair products are a perfect gift for the lady in your life. This range is guaranteed to make her look and smell super this Valentines. Starting at just £3.50 they are a good present for if you are on a bit of a budget too.

Prices from £3.50 
Available in Sainsbury's

Timeless Beauty

These lipsticks from Joan Collins' Timeless Beauty range are classics. The Divine Lips range come in really pretty shades and the packaging is really glam. I love that the colours are all names too and I got an Amanda one which is my Mum's name! 

Available in M&S

A Close Shave

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For that well groomed man in your life why not treat him to the gift of a good shave. The Gillette ProGlider Styler 3 in 1 is ideal for taming those beards and the ProShield Chill is perfect for that close shave with none of the friction of a regular razor. 

£12.00 and £21.00 
Available in Boots or on Amazon

Pampered Princess

These products are perfect for an at home pampering session or take them on a little hotel break like I am planning to do!  

Run your loved one a hot bath with the sensual Olverum bath oil and let them wind down in luxury. This gorgeous oil is sure to leave skin feeling super soft.

Travel Set £16.00
Available on Amazon or via Olverum website

I also love the 7th Heaven range from Montagne Jeunesse. Brilliant products that have been around for years. Perfect for all skin types and a lovely little gift. My favourites are the peeling masks, they are good fun. They also do a men's range!

Around £1 a pack
Available in most supermarkets and Boots stores

So there you have a wide selection of gifts for all budgets. Do you have anyone special to buy for? 

*I was sent a sample of each product in exchange for featuring in this guide. All opinions are my own.