Thursday, 28 August 2014

Super Easy Chocolate Fondue for Toddlers

Chocolate Fondue Toddlers Fruit

This recipe is so simple you could perhaps do it blindfolded...if you wanted...

Here is my Super Easy Chocolate Fondue and I might add it doesn't have to be just for toddlers but fussy eaters in general. If it's dipped in chocolate 9 times out of 10 they will eat it!

Sunday, 24 August 2014

Aldi Back to School - School Uniform

Now our local Aldi store may look like a jumble sale but it is well worth battling through the narrow aisles and tripping over items customers have knocked off the shelves and ignored forgotten to put back. If you want a bargain these days it appears in some cases you have to make it through a small bombsite! 

I am probably being a bit harsh, our nearest store is a bit too small and the customers are often dressed in PJ's, rude and slightly standoffish if you take the last pack of Disco biscuits before they do but the staff are friendly and the prices are the best around! 

As you all know our little Ted is a few years off school age yet but as the majority of you (my readers) have children who are heading back to school in September I thought I would share the fab deals I have seen in Aldi this month! 

The school uniform from Aldi is a fraction of the price of other brands and I must say the quality is better than I expected. I popped in store to have a little rummage through the range and was pleasantly surprised.

I am literally gobsmacked at how cheap the Aldi Back to School range is. I didn't think it possible that parents could kit their kids out in a whole school uniform for just £10.99! That includes trousers, a polo shirt, a sweater and even shoes! 
Girls' Scuff-Resistant ShoesBoys' Scuff-Resistant Shoes

Round necked sweatshirts in red or navy £1.25

Pleated Skirts, navy, black or grey £1.50

Polo shirts come in white or blue £1.25

Trousers in navy, black or grey for Girls and Boys £1.50

Short Sleeved Shirts £1.99

Kid's shoes in sizes 10-3 £6.99

*All clothing comes in ages 4-11

We were sent a red pack-a-mac (pictured above) to sample the quality and it is as good as any simple raincoat I have ever had. It folds away neatly into the front pocket and fits nicely into Ted's changing bag for any unexpected downpours. Ted is in age 2-3 clothing now and although the smallest size was aged 5 with the sleeved rolled up this will protect Ted from the rain as it is designed to do and is waterproof for light showers. Not sure how it would fair in torrential rain but we will see!

I appreciate I am not the best person to be reviewing Back to School clothes so I will send you over to Inside The Wendy House where they have had a lot of experience picking school uniforms over the years! 

Our Summer Family Moments

Friday, 22 August 2014

Why are we Always Discreet about discussing Bladder Sensitivity?

I must admit as I am writing this post I need a wee. TMI? Perhaps not. The point I am making is that so many of us put off going to the toilet when our body tells us it needs to go. This is one of many causes of bladder weakness but something many of us ignore the signs of and don't feel comfortable discussing with friends, family and even our own GP.
With bladder sensitivity affecting 1 in 3 women in the UK why is this subject still confined to whispered discussions or in most cases avoided completely.
Always Discreet revealed some interesting statistics in a recent clinical study that really should encourage women to open up about this taboo health issue. AI (Adult Incontinence) can also lead to a whole host of other physical and psychological issues including sleep loss and anxiety
Of the estimated 12 Million women in the UK that suffer from AI sadly 51% of them have struggled with depression and two thirds feel embarrassed. Then why don't we as women support each other and encourage each other to open up about this condition?
If you are experiencing any of the below symptoms please don't put off getting a check up, book a visit with the GP for some advice and rest assured that you are not alone!
  • Going to the toilet more than 10 times a day
  • Experiencing little leaks when you laugh, cough, sneeze or exercise
  • Experiencing little leaks and/or reduced sensitivity, or feeling, during sex
  • Frequently having to go to the toilet during the night

    New Always Discreet for Sensitive Bladders has been developed following nine years of research and product testing by thousands of women. This new range includes liners and pads that are thinner (up to 40 per cent*) than the leading brand, while absorbing two times more than women may need.
    "Always gives women the confidence they deserve."

    *This post was written in collaboration with Always Discreet

    Tuesday, 5 August 2014

    Ted's First Build-A-Bear!

    We recently went on an exciting adventure on the hunt for Ted's very first Build-A-Bear

    Here is how our day went...

    We...are going on a...Build-A-Bear hunt...

    We're going to pick a good one...

    What an exciting day...we are most definitely not scared! 

    Uh Oh! Which one shall we choose?!

    A fluffy dog or sparkly pony ones that shine...

    We choose a snuggly tubby teddy...Ted shouted..."Mine!" 

    Next came the stuffing, our bear needed to look his best,

    We added a strawberry scent into his tummy...

    with a heartbeat and special heart in his chest.

    Kissing/Eating the heart!

     Next it was pamper time,

    Our bear needed some care,

    Ted brushed his soft fur and fluffed it up with air.

    Next it was time to dress our bear and give him a name,

    We chose matching shark hat and shoes 

    and Toothy the bear he became.

    We printed our certificate and Toothy was complete

    With Toothy and Ted as new best friends 

    I think Ted was happy with his treat!

    I love the quality of these bears, I have my own one I got a few years ago and he is still super soft. They are also great for small children and Ted's bear is a special Velvet Hugs bear who is allergy friendly and doesn't contain certain chemicals and allergens that could affect Asthma and allergy sufferers. He can also be popped in the freezer to kill off any germs which I thought was fab! 

    We would like to thank Laura at the Milton Keynes store for all her help on the day. I think every child should visit Build-A-Bear Workshop at least once, it really is a fab experience and something we will treasure for a very long time. Bears start at just £13.50 and there is a range of smaller range of Mini Furry Friends which would make great stocking fillers for Christmas.

    *we were given the full experience in exchange for an honest review, as usual all opinions are our own.

    Keeping Fit - My Gym Kit and Sportshoes Review

    Last week was the first time I was able to drag myself off of the sofa and out of the door to the gym...I know...I's been weeks since I got my membership but with the holiday and then being unwell I have really been struggling to find motivation.

    If I am honest with you I think the fear of going was worse than going itself. Of that makes sense? 

    I got myself all ready in my new gym gear, courtesy of the lovely people at (don't miss the S at the end of Sports or you do end up with something completely altogether different with a bit of sweary words on!) and I set off to Virgin Active. Bearing in mind I had been at work all day it was a fair effort for me to just get in the car and go but I did it.

    I managed a 5 minute walk (Warm Up) a 10 Minute run and another 5 Minute walk (Cool Down). To many that may not sound like much but going from no exercise to an hour long work out was always going to be a tough one so I wanted to ease myself in gently.

    My gym kit which consists of my beautiful black, pink and green Nike Zoom Wildhorse Running shoes and matching Nike Legend Workout Pants with pink lining (£35.09).

    Nike Legend 2.0 Women's Slim Workout Pants - SU14 picture 1
    Nike Zoom Wildhorse Women's Trail Running Shoes - SU14 picture 1

    I love the trousers and how they suck my tummy in, I got a medium which is meant to be a 12-14 although I think I maybe should have gone for the large but was remaining optimistic that I would drop a dress size eventually! They have an ace Dri-Fit fabric which is great for when you are working out as it keeps you dry and comfortable. They are also a really great design with a higher back on the seam to avoid any pant flashing scenario's and a little flap in the back of the waistband for a music player although my phone is a bit too big really.

    My trainers are very special. Since I was in my teens I have always had a love for trainers but never owned a proper pair of running shoes. The Wildhorse trainers are designed for running on any surface, it means I can use them on concrete or in the gym. The fabric is so flexible I felt like my feet were being hugged from all angles although I did get a bit of rubbing the first time I wore them so will have to see if that eases as I continue to use them. The cushioned soles are a great support on my feet when running and felt like lots of little tiny springs underfoot. If you are looking to run on a regular basis these £79.99 trainers are well worth the money.

    Nike Legend 2.0 Women's Slim Workout Pants - SU14 picture 2Nike Zoom Wildhorse Women's Trail Running Shoes - SU14 picture 2

    I teamed these with a sports bra I picked up from Primark for about £4 and a loose fitting lilac vest although I will probably opt for black next time as I felt I stood out too much. 

    I felt very awkward when running, not quite knowing where to look as there were people on the mats in front and running alongside me so I plugged my headphones in and worked out to a bit of Ed Sheeran. I am switching clubs this week in the hope that a slightly smaller and less busy gym might suit me better than the hustle and bustle of the Riverside club. It is probably perfect for regulars but for a beginner I felt a bit overwhelmed and not quite sure what I was doing there.

    I am off to the gym again tonight so I will let you know how I get on!

    Monday, 4 August 2014

    The Mummy Bracelet Review and Giveaway!

    When  I attended the Baby Show a couple of months ago I met a lady who owns a great company called The Mummy Bracelet. This unique brand sells super practical and pretty handmade bracelets specially for Mums.

    We all understand the term Baby Brain and how once we have children often the most simplest of activities can all go to pot the second our brains are put into use. The Mummy Bracelet is designed to help us Mums keep track of day to day tasks and timings all with one beautifully beaded bangle! 

    The concept is that the bracelet acts as a record keeper with each bead representing a chosen denominator.

    This could be time, date or an amount. For example it can be used to measure the time between contractions when in labour, an appointment date or record foetal movements as a kick counter.

    For Mum's with babies or older children you can use it to remember which side to breastfeed on by switching the bracelet from arm to arm when needed, you can use it to record nappy changes in a day or even how many children you have! (Superbusymum and In My know this applies to you! :p)

    The space between each bead can represent 15 minutes and each number relates to the hours on a 12 hr clock. I am sure you can figure out the rest. 

    These bracelets come in a wide range of colours and you can add your own charms as well as being able to choose from an extensive choice of their own charms. 

    I love my rainbow bracelet as I couldn't decide which colour I wanted. I also have a couple of charms including the original Mummy Charm, Baby Feet and Breastfeeding Charm. These are all reasonably priced at under £3 a charm. 

    1 x Original Mummy Charm

    The bracelets are £19.95 and as mentioned come in a wide range of colours made up from gorgeous gemstones. Some of my favourites were the Sparkle, Watermelon Jade and regular Jade...I wonder why?!

    Ooooh Sparkly!

    I adore my bracelet and even when I am not using it to remember how much water I have drank in the day or what time I put the chicken in the oven it still looks stunning and I love it! 

    I found the quality really great, the beads are shiny, the charms are smooth and nicely detailed and the bracelet itself wraps nicely around the wrist as it is made from memory wire. 

    How would you like to win your very own Mummy Bracelet or one to gift to a friend?

    Enter via the Gleam app below for your chance to win a special bracelet in a colour of your choice!

    The Mummy Bracelet Giveaway