Sunday, 17 May 2015

What Ted Said - 'Stoshes and Oh Ships!

It has been a while since I last did a What Ted Said post and we have had some corkers lately!

Daddy has been struggling to keep swears to a minimum around little ears and they have resulted in Ted mishearing some common 'grown up' phrases. Can you work them out?
"Fox Say" and "Oh Ship"
*Rolls Eyes*
My parents have always been called Nana and Grandad with Joe's being Guitar Grandad and Nana Wendy. Last week when trying to explain to Ted that we were seeing my Mum and not Nana Wendy I said 'No Just Nana'. This has resulted in my poor Mum being referred to as Just Nana on a regular basis!
Whilst I was enjoying a nice cup of tea Ted came up to me with a Number 1 jigsaw puzzle piece on his top lip and announced "Yook Mummy a 'stosh". I nearly spat my tea out! Hehe!
My inner child was made up this month when Alvin and the Chipmunks came back to our screens. I have been enjoying watching the episodes with Ted and was overjoyed when he learnt to say "Alvin and Chipmunks" this week! Woohoo!
What have your little ones come out with this week?

Saturday, 16 May 2015

A Forest Walk

We love little walks in the forest! Where are your favourite places to visit for family walks?

Thursday, 14 May 2015

Me and Music - Mummy Mondays

I know it isn't Monday but I am a total God Damn rebel and I am linking up to Mummy Mondays anyway! 

Mummy Monday's has been around for a while now and I know the lovely ladies over at Mummy Bloggers have said it can be on ANYTHING so I am using it as my chance to be me. Every week I will be sharing a post that is to do with me. Not about the family or being a Mum but about me as a woman and everything I love, hate any anything in between! 

Here we go with my first post and this one is about music! 

I am guilty of one thing as a 'woman' (note I didn't say Mum?) and that is not giving myself enough 'me time'. Sure I watch TV in the evenings after Ted has gone to bed and I catch up on blogs and I have a natter online with friends but I rarely pamper myself or embrace the things I love like art, music and reading (even if it is just cook books!). 

I have always loved the way music makes me feel, as a child it was dancing around the garden to 'Itsy Bitsy Teeny Weenie Yellow Polka Dot Bikini' and swinging my cassette player (complete with microphone) about. Then as a teenager it was sitting on my windowsill, sketching and blaring out 'Ocean Avenue' by Yellowcard or some other 'cool kid' tune as I gawked at my much older neighbour washing his car! Even before I had Ted I would crank up the Summer R&B hits or chill out to a bit of Ed Sheeran or James Morrison but now somehow this has been pushed to one side and I miss it. 

I don't know why I don't listen to music as much, perhaps it is the silence I enjoy more. When I am in my car without Ted I embrace the peace and quiet but sadly I do long for those hours where I could just listen to my music and forget about things for a little while. It was my escape from the world. 

Me singing Karaoke at Joe's Aunties Wedding!
I feel quite 'out of touch' with the latest songs and although we listen to the radio at work, Heart FM seems to feature the same songs on repeat and they eventually begin to grate on me. I did get Ed Sheeran's new album for Christmas and I love it. I also have a few songs on my phone but never really find the time or accept that I am able to just give myself that relaxation time. 

Another thing... I love to sing. Something I don't really share with people but I really enjoy it and not just screeching in the shower but really singing. I have never felt comfortable in telling people how much I love it as my voice isn't incredible but I think I can hold my own. People often think that thinking you can sing is somehow arrogant but there are few things I enjoy more than belting out a number in my car where nobody else can hear me. 

So... I promise from now on to sing my heart out (when I am alone) and discover a new favourite song each week and share it with you! It may not be a brand new song but it will be something that is new to me or an old favourite I forgot I liked and I will link it up for you over on my Facebook or Twitter so do pop by and say hi and let me know what you think! You can also remind me if I haven't shared one for a while and give me a virtual slap on the wrist for not giving myself some me time!

What are your favourite songs? Who should I check out?

Tuesday, 12 May 2015

I am going to BritMums Live 2015!

After a lot of dithering about I finally made a decision this week that I couldn't miss out on the blogging event of the year. I took a big breath and booked my ticket for BritMums Live 2015!

Name: Jade Pirard

Blog: Late For are here! 

Twitter ID: @JadePirard

Height: 5'3"...ish

Hair: Dark blonde although I am going lighter this week so lets say blonde!

Eyes: Greenish Blueish

I may or may not be wearing glasses too, something that threw people at the last event as they are so used to seeing me on the blog with them on. I only actually need them for driving or reading projector screens so will have them on and off throughout the day!

Is this your first blogging conference? 

No, I attended last years BritMums Live and several other events each year. I have been around a bit now!

Are you attending both days?

Yes, I couldn't go and not embrace all that comes with the event!

What are you most looking forward to at BritMums Live 2015? 

After attending for the first time last year and having met one of my best friends (Lucy from Mrs Bishops Bakes and Banter) at the event I couldn't possibly not be there this year. At last years event I learnt so much about me as both a blogger and a working Mum. I realised I was a more confident outgoing person than I thought I was.

What are you wearing? 

I want to wear something like this. Comfortable and casual but kind of trendy (I do try!)

  CONFESSIONS OF A FORMER SIZE 6: In defence of my Zara plaid scarf
Images from Pinterest

What do you hope to gain from BritMums Live 2015?

One of the selling points for me about the event was that my blogging besties are going. Despite a couple of lovely ladies being unable to make it due to other commitments like having babies...I know how selfish?! Being a blogger you meet people from up and down the country and all over the world and sometimes it is a lonely place. 

The Internet...connecting people since...I am going to go for the 1980's here but don't quote me...and slowly isolating people since social media has been around. So for me, being able to meet some of these lovely people is a rare occurrence and one I get so excited about.

Another few reasons to attend are the inspiring bloggers that are speaking at the event including Capture By Lucy, a good friend and a truly inspiring blogger/photographer and creator of serious eye candy. 

Di Coke, SuperLucky lovely and competition guru, what she doesn't know about entering and hosting competitions isn't worth knowing. 

Karin and Pippa from Embrace Happy and Story Of Mum, boosting confidence and inspiring Mums to embrace all they are and be happy in their own skins, Pippa's session last week was a breath of fresh air. 

Finally and very excitingly the amazing Ella Woodward from Deliciously Ella. Come on if you haven't heard of Ella you must have been living under a rock. She is a total health food God and her blog is a marvel of deliciousness! 

Do you have any tips to pass on to others who may not have been before?

Embrace it. Take a leap of faith and just roll with it. It is a little overwhelming at first with the amount of people but every single person at that event is a blogger just like you and everyone gets nervous but it is so much fun! 

I know lots of bloggers have written posts on their top tips for the event so I won't go into too much but comfy shoes are a must as is a big bag for bringing home all your goodies from the event. 

Don't worry about dressing to impress too much just be comfortable and one thing I learnt from last year is to take a spare phone charger/camera charger because trust will need it!

There you have it, my reasons for attending this year. I am getting all giddy just talking about it! Lucy and I are sharing a room and have plans to explore London after the event so I am super excited about having my little wing woman by my side and soaking up all there is to learn about blogging, social media, design and networking.

If you are coming to the event please say hi and I can add you to my list of people to meet on the day! 


Sunday, 10 May 2015

My Summer Stress Savers - Video

All In Kitchen

I am not a big poker fan, I have never been able to understand a lot of casino games and don't have the patience but I recently discovered a new take on the game that sparked my attention. Pokerstars recently teamed up with some foodies to create the worlds first Pay by Poker restaurant!

The All In Kitchen gave players the opportunity to pay for their meal with their winnings. Allowing them to determine how well they dine by how good they are at winning, in my case I think a few chips (of the potato kind) would be a push!

In January diners at the restaurant in London were able to put their money where their mouths were and the price they paid for their meals was based on how many chips (the poker kind) were left at the end of their games.

  • 10,000 chips and above: Dinner is on the house!
  • Between 5,000 and 10,000 chips: Diners pay a small fee of £5
  • Less than 5,000 chips: Still a total bargain at £10 to pay for a 3 course meal!
The menu at the poker themed restaurant was nothing to be sniffed at either boasting a host of delicious dishes including 'Royal Flush of King Crab Thermidor', 'Queen Scallops accompanied by Salt Baked Swede and Bacon Marmalade' and '4 of a Kind of Lamb Chops, Rump, Kidney and Shoulder With A Rosemary Jus'.
I think for poker fans and foodies alike this would be a fantastic experience and I can't wait to find out when the Summer event will be happening. Take a look at the full menu and more details on the website here.
*Collaborative post

Thursday, 7 May 2015

BritMums Live Keynote - Can I get your nomination?

There is a poem I wrote about being a Mum a while back called What I Hate About Being Your Mum. I would love the chance to share it with the attendees at BritMums this year if any of you would like to nominate it for a key note speech I would be so grateful!

Just visit the main link below to the form and pop the link to my poem in where it says URL of blog post. 

Here is the poem link if you want a read 
smile emoticon

Lots of Love! xx